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A Victorian Darling: Interview with Samantha Asam

victorian day dress
Join me for an interview with the lovely Samantha Asam from Victorian Darlings on Instagram where she curates a beautiful collection of Victorian and Edwardian photographs and ephemera!

Drink and Be Merry!

victorian cocktail recipe
Try these Victorian cocktail recipes for your next party...or your next "Downton Abbey" binge night!

The Language of Flowers

Lavender bouquet on lace linens
Take a glimpse into the tradition of the Victorian tussy-mussy, or nosegay, and learn about the intriguing language of flowers...plus, enjoy a free printable note-card to gift someone special with a lavender tussy-mussy!

Becoming a Victorian

vintage victorian dresses
A special sneak peek into our very first Willow & Birch photo-shoot, and a few things I learned from being a Victorian lady for a day...

Everyday Beauty

Victorian era women
A peek inside the Victorian lady's morning routine, and how we can bring that beauty into our everyday moments today.

A Breath of Fresh Air

unique home gifts & accessories
A simple and fun recipe to make your own scented room spray to brighten your home and bring the outdoors in!

Tea Time! Host Your Own Victorian Tea Party

how to host a tea party
Host your own Victorian-inspired tea party and invite your guests to savor the enjoyment and elegance of an afternoon tea.

Add a Victorian Twist to Your Style

victorian women's fashion

A collection of my favorite fun and simple hairstyle tutorials to add a bit of Victorian flair into your everyday style...

Tools of the Trade: The Victorian Lady's Chatelaine

Victorian Chatelaine
For the Victorian woman, the chatelaine functioned like a tool belt equipped with a personalized array of useful items for her daily activities...

A Step Back in Time...

A Step Back in Time...
For those of us who fell in love with the world of Downton Abbey, it was fairly devastating when the show ended back in 2015. But after much anticipation...