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The Language of Flowers

We’ve all given a bouquet of flowers at one time or another to share our love, offer comfort in moments of grief, or express congratulations. This token of fragrant blooms gifts the recipient with something beautiful to enjoy and appreciate.  

But did you know that the flowers you select each carry their own symbolism as well? In the language of flowers (also known as floriography), plants and flowers are used to send messages in the form of floral arrangements.

dried lavender bouquet

During the 19th century, the Victorians would exchange “talking bouquets”, also known as tussie-mussies or nosegays, which were small bundles of flowers that could be worn or carried (much like the corsages and boutonnieres we are familiar with today). And for the more poetic at heart, one might even create elaborate floral arrangements to send coded messages that would not have been expressed openly in polite Victorian society!

Why not carry on this charming tradition and bring joy into someone’s day by gifting them with a lavender tussy-mussy?

In the language of flowers, lavender signifies love, devotion, and loyalty, making it a perfect choice for sending a message of affection to anyone you care for.

Use this free printable notecard to adorn your lavender tussy-mussy so that your recipient knows just how much they mean to you!

Lavender Tussy-Mussy Gift Notecard

(To save to your computer, right-click and hit “Save as…” then use your printer settings to select your desired print size.) 

unique gifts for women

For an extra special touch, accompany your tussy-mussy with a gift of our Lavender Breeze scented bath, beauty, and fragrances! Your recipient will be absolutely delighted!

And for more floral-infused botanical goodies, visit our Spring Florals collection!

These "Language of Flowers" inspirational cards from Victorian Trading Company would also make a sweet accompaniment to your tussy-mussy!

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  • You’re so welcome, Lindsay! I agree…tussy-mussy is such a cute phrase!! <3 Anna

  • Tussy-mussy, now that truly is a charming phrase and tradition, thanks for teaching me and for the free download!

    Lindsay Dianne

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