Explore New Worlds Through Fragrance

English Fog Scent Collection
Inspired by scenes pulled from a Brontë novel,  English Fog  is an elusive fragrance that evokes the mystery and moodiness of the foggy moors and rolling hills of the English countryside. 
 Lavender Breeze Scent Collection
Our fresh take on a classic favorite among Victorian ladies everywhere…Like fragrant fields of lavender in summer bloom,  Lavender Breeze  opens with a floral base and unfolds into full bloom with a top note of bright clary sage and a whisper of fresh peppermint.
Lemon Zen scent collection
Like the restorative powers of a proper afternoon tea,  Lemon Zen  strikes the perfect balance of soothing and lifting the spirit.
Orange Spice scent collection
Inspired by the Victorian classic Eau de Cologne,  Orange Spice  is our new spin on the 18th century favorite. A vibrant fragrance composed with a refreshing burst of citrusy orange and litsea cubeba complemented with the mellow warmth of anise and clove.