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Customer Love

Natural flavored lip balms
"Wonderful, way better than my go to, Burt's Bees." —Carole, New York
"Love this lip balm. Definitely moisturizing my lips! I noticed the next day that my lips were definitely softer and more moist." —Lori, Oregon
Natural lavender scented soap
"A very fine soap indeed!" —Wayne, Texas
"Awesome soap! I work in the woods and come home from work with filthy hands every day. Other soaps would dry out my hands and cause my fingers to crack and split. I decided to give this soap a try and I love it! It gets all the dirt off my hands and leaves them feeling soft and smooth, with no cracking! I also use it as a quick wash for my face to feel refreshed after a long day in the California summer heat. I highly recommend it!" —Jordan, California
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"Wonderful! I don't want to ever use another Day Cream. It feels luxurious on my skin, like satin. I have used this with makeup and I had no problems. Every morning, I look forward to washing my face so I have the pleasure of applying this. Seriously! —Jody, Virginia
"It leaves my skin really soft. I have acne prone skin—[now I have] no acne. I'm really happy. Smells divine. Why have I been buying expensive products all these years?" —Emily, Colorado
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"In 33 years of using quality cosmetics, this is the first product I ever used that I noticed a dramatic improvement! My skin looks clearer and smoother when I use this. Gives me the skin I have always coveted. Noticed an improvement on my neck and décolleté too." —Jody, Virginia
"I love this stuff. Works great and I LOVE the smell." —Mandy, Tennessee
"Glides on so easily, I wake up with such soft skin. The smell is amazing too!" —Heather, Arizona
Mineral bath salts with essential oils
"Very soft and moisturizing! I loved the effect!" —Christie, Virginia
"Rejuvenates and refreshes my skin." —Evelyn, Chicago
Natural perfume and cologne
"This is absolutely my favorite scent to wear now. Thank you!" —Ruth, Iowa
"Uncommon, sophisticated and pleasant." —Marshall, Chicago
"Love the smell; it's perfect: not too overpowering and lasts long. My husband and I both love it, and I would agree it's definitely a unisex scent!" —Lindy, Montana
Natural soy candle gifts
"Perfect! Makes the whole room smell nice!" —Tammie, California
"Excellent! Lovely scent, beautiful container. Simply beautiful." —Donna, Florida
"For a number of reasons I love this candle: Fascinating scent; long, clean burn; fair price; supports a small, woman-owned business. What could be better?" —Carole, New York