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Spilled natural epson salt mixed with dried herbs beside a vintage floral teapot, emphasizing the therapeutic qualities and soothing benefit of epsom salt bath. A serene setting for spa bath salts and mineral salt bath products.
Natural Dead Sea salts and dried herbs spill from a rustic cloth bag beside a vintage floral ceramic teapot, epitomizing the best bath salts for relaxing. Perfect for a soothing epsom salt bath experience.

Botanical Bath Gift Set

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Soak in the soothing goodness and rejuvenating powers of pure botanicals with the Botanical Bath Gift Set.


  • Soy candle, approx. 6.25 ounces (choose scent)
  • Perfume, net wt. 10 ml (choose scent)
  • Rose & Calendula bath tea (good for up to 3 baths)
  • Lavender & Chamomile bath tea (good for up to 3 baths)

Ready to gift in a hand-stamped gift bag! 

A beautifully scented candle sets the tone for a soothing bath night with the charmed ambience of soft candlelight. Dip into a bath infused with nourishing minerals salts and the delicate aroma of lavender and rose petals, and top off the spa experience with a perfume oil scented with all-natural essential oils to bring your favorite fragrance with you everywhere you go.

Choose your candle and perfume in our exclusive Signature Scents: 

    Inspired by scenes pulled from a Bront√ę novel,¬†English Fog¬†is an elusive fragrance that evokes the mystery and moodiness of the foggy moors and rolling hills of the English countryside. A base of fresh bergamot entwines with warm notes of clove as floral ylang ylang lends a hint of opulence and intrigue.

    Our fresh take on a classic favorite among Victorian ladies everywhere…Like fragrant fields of lavender in summer bloom, Lavender Breeze opens with a floral base and unfolds into full bloom with a top note of bright clary sage and a whisper of fresh peppermint.

    Like the restorative powers of a proper afternoon tea, Lemon Zen strikes the perfect balance of soothing and lifting the spirit. The refreshing scent of bright and citrusy lemongrass is delicately balanced with a sweet floral note of lavender for a delightfully uplifting aroma.

    Inspired by the Victorian classic Eau de Cologne, our Orange Spice is a new spin on the 19th century favorite. A vibrant fragrance composed with a refreshing burst of citrusy orange and litsea cubeba complemented with the mellow warmth of anise and clove.