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Valentine Greetings

Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers! This sweet celebration is a time to express affection for all your loved ones! I also like to think of Valentine's Day as an opportunity to share excitement for spring's arrival...and it seems the Victorians thought alike because so many antique Valentine's Day cards are bursting with flowers and bright colors!

With love in the air and a sense of springtime on the horizon, botanical beauty gifts are a lovely way to treat your valentines and bring joy and sunshine to their day! ...You may even wish to pamper yourself in preparation for your own Valentine's Day celebrations!

For unique gift ideas for the timeless beauties and modern romantics in your life, take a gander at my gift collections...and print out these Victorian valentines to give your gift-giving a special nostalgic touch! 

Victorian Valentine


Victorian Valentine


Victorian Valentine Card

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  • Aww, the cards you picked are so sweet, you know I have a weaknesses for antique postcards! 💌 Love that you pointed out they are full of florals! 🌹

    Lindsay Dianne

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