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Vintage Inspirations from the English Countryside

If you're anything like me, you've often imagined what it might be like to live in a cozy village in the English countryside. Thankfully, we can enjoy a taste of this idyllic dream through the stylings of Mars Dilbert. With an aesthetic that seamlessly blends eras for a wonderful vintage-inspired style, Mars captures moments of her life in the countryside, adorned in outfits featuring pieces from the Victorian era through the 1940s.

Mars always has something fun happening on her Instagram, and I'm so excited to share my chat with her! Read on to hear about her connection to creativity, her vintage inspirations, and her life in the English countryside!


I often find myself scrolling through your Instagram and imagining I’ve stepped back in time. Where do you find such incredible vintage pieces? 

I typically source from all over antique shops, vintage markets, jumble sales, ex-theatre pieces, and I sometimes make my own.

Mars Dilbert


How would you describe your style, and what inspires your unique look?

I would describe my style as eclectic. Easy to wear and functional, but incorporating unique pieces.


You’ve mentioned that you use art and creativity as an outlet for escape. What are some of your favorite art forms, and what do you find most appealing about them?

I love the Renaissance period for its visual and evocative sensuality, the way it allows freedom of indulgence and over-exuberance. I also love Contemporary art and its interpretation and messages of the world today.

vintage style blogger


Your photos feature such idyllic, dreamy scenes of your neighborhood in the English countryside. Can you share a bit about where you live and what you most enjoy about it?

I am originally born and bred in the countryside, so consider this where my soul lies. My home has connections to members of the Royal Family; it was once where they stayed for hunting. It was originally a gamekeeper’s cottage and an area for show jumping and country pursuits. One of the largest and most ancient woodland in southern England, it’s an area of scientific interest and protected woods with rare orchids and butterflies. I love it for its natural beauty and slower pace of life. I always feel connected to the land.

victorian era dresses


I love when you post photos with your vintage-style bicycle. What are some of your favorite spots to visit on your jaunts?

I love riding in the open countryside, visiting natural lakes and hidden ancient architecture.

Edwardian outfit


What is your favorite era from the past, and why?

I love the golden Jazz era. I think that’s when we felt most freedom of fashion and self-expression.


If you could have a tea party with anyone from history, who would you invite?

Well, of course Eartha Kitt for quirk, Oscar Wilde for his wit, Mozart and Beethoven for the music, and Salvador Dalí for flamboyance and art. I could go on with the list!


And, finally, what is your favorite Willow & Birch “Signature Scent”?

It’s got to be English Fog. It reminds me of spices and the countryside, with the smell of woodland and romantic foggy mornings.


Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your lovely world, Mars! Follow her on Instagram and visit her website to keep up with her delightful vintage stylings and to follow her on her jaunts through the English countryside!


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  • Thank you so much for sharing this interview with us. I have been following this beautiful lady for a while now, and have always wanted a deeper insight into her lifestyle. So amazing everything i imagine country living to be. I would love to be a fly on the wall at that tea party.

    Greatest Ever

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