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For the Love of Lavender

"Gathering Lavender" by Edward Killingworth Johnson

 I remember visiting a lavender farm as a young girl. It was on the east end of Long Island, and as the sea air whispered on the wind, I breathed in the fragrant blooms around me, and my love affair with lavender was born.

To recall it now, I’m transported to another time and place, to the days when the floral scent of lavender would travel in every Victorian lady’s wake.
A classic favorite among many to this day, the fragrant lavender flower enjoyed much popularity amongst the Victorians.
In contrast to the overwhelmingly strong synthetic fragrances common on today’s store shelves, the Victorians preferred subtle, natural scents and lavender was often a popular choice.

“[Lavender] is a nice, clean scent, and an old and deserving favourite.”

Book of Perfumes, Eugene Rimmel (1828)

Perfume was a crucial element in the Victorian lady’s beauty regimen and lavender was often used to scent everything from soaps and floral waters to cosmetics and hair products. She may even use the perfume to scent her clothing, handkerchiefs, and gloves.


Lavender-infused items were easily found at one’s local perfumer, and even at pharmacies and apothecaries. And for lower- and middle-class ladies, it was not uncommon to make your own homemade creams and floral waters by following recipes found in popular ladies magazines, many of which employed lavender to help cure skin problems such as acne and blemishes.


Lavender became such a popular fragrance in France and England that it even spurred the growth of a new industry of lavender growers to satisfy the demand throughout the Victorian era.


With its illustrious reputation in Victorian beauty, it’s no wonder lavender continues to be popular today! ...And it's not surprising that Lavender Breeze is one of our most beloved fragrances, with its airy, cheerful blend of lavender, clary sage, and peppermint. I do believe the Victorian ladies would have loved it as well!

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