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A Dash of Color

In today's world of Sephora and Ulta (not to mention expansive beauty aisles in every grocery store and pharmacy), we might take for granted the makeup options available to us. Look back to the Victorian era and it's a much different story... Although makeup trends certainly had their place throughout the 19th century, many Victorian women shied away from wearing cosmetics, spurred by Queen Victoria’s claims that make-up was unladylike. Instead, they would replicate a “healthy glow” by pinching the cheeks and biting the lips.

Joseph Caraud’s La Toilette, 1858

Joseph Caraud’s La Toilette, 1858

This eventually changed in the early 20th century when women began wearing bold red lipstick as a symbol of power and independence during the suffrage movement. And today we're free to experiment with lip colors to our heart's desire. Whether you prefer a subtle and natural “barely there” look or a bright bold lip, the possibilities are truly endless when you make your own lip tint!

Here's a fun and easy tinted lip gloss you can make in your own kitchen. It's packed with moisturizing grapeseed oil and coconut oil, plus castor oil for a touch of shine and natural micas for a pop of color. In addition to benefiting from the natural ingredients in this homemade lip gloss, you’ll also have fun customizing each shade to your unique skin tone and style.

16 grams castor oil
10 grams grapeseed oil
6 grams coconut oil
5 grams beeswax
4 grams vegetable glycerin
10 drops vitamin E oil
Colorants (see below)
Using a double boiler, place the castor oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and beeswax in a glass measuring cup and allow it to melt over the double boiler. (If you don’t have a double boiler, create a hot water bath using a small saucepan; bring a few inches of water to a simmer and set the glass measuring cup in the hot water to melt the oils and wax.)
Once everything has melted, remove the measuring cup from the hot water and stir. As the mixture begins to cool, add the vegetable glycerin and continue to stir until it creates a smooth, glossy consistency.
Add your desired colorants and stir well, making sure the pigment is uniformly mixed into the lip gloss. Spoon the mixture into small containers and enjoy!


Experiment with Color!

You can find a rainbow’s array of natural colorants on handcrafting and DIY supply sites like Bramble Berry.

Here are my favorite color combos I created using Bramble Berry micas:

DIY Natural tinted lip gloss recipe

Rosy Blush (above) and Copper Sunset (below)

Rosy Blush: 10 scoops Merlot Sparkle mica

Copper Sunset: 6 scoops Brick Red oxide pigment + 6 scoops Copper Sparkle mica

*For precise measurements, use a 0.15 cc scoop (available on their website). These measurements are intended for a full batch of lip gloss using the recipe above. If you’d like to experiment with color combinations, divide up the full batch and mix up different shades! (Just be sure to make note of your colors so you can recreate your favorites later.)

And for perfect coverage with your homemade lip gloss, keep your lips silky soft with our all-natural lip balms in yummy flavors like Cocoa Mint, Cafe Mocha, and Chai Spice!

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